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The whole theme around She Sheds is to inspire people into designing a space, where they can create, enjoy, grow, and relax in an area that is unique to them.

The She Shed forms from the idea that ever since the winsome days of our youth, we all had a longing for a little secret place for imagining, for creating, for planning but more importantly, undisturbed time to call our own.

Whether it be to read, paint, write, garden, drink tea (or wine!) with friends or family, there’s been many ideas on how these sheds could be used.

The myriad of cabin uses from entertaining; glamping or a home business, it never ceases to excite people into thinking how they could put use a shed in there back yard.

If you are looking for photos, statistics or help with a storyline you are working on then, please contact us on with a briefing and we will be happy to help out with information.