Large Outdoor Mirror – Antique White Finish


Style No: 900425R


Bring style and elegance to your outdoor area, the arched shape and simple framing on this mirror add light without drawing attention away from your feature outdoor décor.

Dimensions: 750 x 1310 x 40

Frame made out of powder coated metal.

Outdoor Mirror Care
It will depend on where the Mirror is situated and how much moisture it will be subjected too.
It is not recommended to let water pool for long periods in one position especially in the welded corners and joins, so wipe down after rain.
Some tips for added protection in exposed situations:

  1. Spray CRC or WD-40 to the frame. These are multi-purpose sprays that penetrate, lubricate and help prevent corrosion
  2. Apply two light coats of car wax to the metal frame to keep it rust-free when the weather is damp (mask the frame first, tuck card or similar behind)

Any wear over time will add to the Antique charm

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