Tui LawnForce® Hand-Held Spreader


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Use the Tui LawnForce® Hand-Held Spreader to easily and evenly disperse Tui LawnForce® fertiliser on your lawn. The dispenser handle spreads fertiliser as you rotate it, while controlling and maximising coverage.
Benefits: Lightweight. Easy to use. Adjustable dispenser controls and maximizes coverage.

Suitable for use on small to medium lawns.

Directions for use

  1. Before loading the spreader, multiply the square metres of your lawn by the recommended application rate, to determine exactly how much fertiliser you need to cover the lawn at the correct rate. You will find the recommended application rate on the fertiliser pack.
  2. Select the spreader setting (choose from 1-5).
  3. Holding the spreader level, walk steadily while pressing the trigger down and turning the handle.
  4. To obtain even coverage, spread half the required amount in a north-south direction, then the other half in an east-west direction.


  • Sweep LawnForce® lawn fertiliser granules off paths and paving to avoid iron staining.

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