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NZ Women’s Sheds

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New Zealand’s first Blokes in Sheds for women!

She Sheds, Back Rooms and Kitchen Tables

Her Space steps into the creative spaces used by more than fifty artistic and inspirational women, who are following their passions. Among them are women who knit, sew, paint and build things. Also featured are jewellers, milliners, sculptors and quilters.  Women of all walks of life will find someone they can identify with, something new to try, or someone to be inspired by.

 Includes special sections on: 

  1. Getting started creatively
  2. Staying passionate about being creative
  3. Creating your very own ‘Her Space’
  4. The M words – marketing and money
  5. Raising creative kids

Also Included:

Jo Dixey, Traditional hand embroiderer

Julie Jensen, Knitted chairs

Dhyana Muir & Reina Cottier, Photographer/writer, painter

Helen Hagan, Patchwork quilter

Susan Flight, Potter

Jill Mathews, Glass artist

Nynke Piebenga, Weaver

Sue Lund, Painter

Jan Kerr, Wearable art and sculptor

Kristy Wilson, Jade carver

Hannah Kidd, Metal sculptor

About the author

Following a successful career in business management, Marilyn Jessen decided to change direction. Having completed a Media Arts degree, she became a specialist teacher in music, photography and film making.  Marilyn has now harnessed her creative skills and both written and photographed Her Space

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