Kent & Stowe Bulb Planter

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Style No: 200054


The Kent & Stowe Hand Bulb Planter is ideal for planting bulbs, seed potatoes and bedding plants. Made from lightweight, durable, polished carbon steel to minimise soil adhesion, and featuring a serrated edge for easy entry into the soil.
Ideal for planting bulbs, seed potatoes and bedding plants


  • Lightweight, durable carbon steel head.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle.
  • Serrated edge for easy entry into soil.
  • 4 inch measurement scale for accurate planting depth.
  • Allows planting to a diameter of 6cm.

With a unique heritage and history, Kent & Stowe tools have been built on tradition and crafted for life.

Kent & Stowe offers award winning garden tools, expertly hand crafted for today’s gardener.

The comprehensive range of UK designed, high quality garden tools covers all aspects of digging, cultivating, cutting and tidying.

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