Heatpad or Heat Panel – For Plants, Pets, Feet Warmer, Seedlings!!


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Rigid propagation heat pad measuring 28cm square.

Soil temperature is crucial to an indoor growing environment whether you are germinating lettuce seeds or propagating orchids

With a heat panel you can obtain soil temperatures of between 22 & 24 degrees ‘C’
The results will be spectacular including high seed germination percentages and vigorous root developments on cuttings and plants
Rated at 10 watts

Inexpensive to Run

Easy to Use – Just Plug in
Use on solid heat resistant surface. Do not allow animals to chew cord.

Avoid direct contact with liquids.
Use an RCD with this unit and any other electrical item where water is present

Supplies constant steady heat for plant propagation

Durable Construction – Made out of Flame retarded injection moulded polycarbonate

Great for:

Plant Propagation

Seed Raising

Pet Warmer

Foot Warmer

Home Brewing

NZ Made. Full replacement 3 year warranty on manufactures parts only.

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