BossCat Cat Litter 6 Litre Bag – Outer of 5


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Style No: 501062


Sick of Urine Smells? Sick of cat litter tracking? 

This is for a convenient pack of 5 x 6 Litre BossCat® Cat Litter Bags.

BossCat Kitty Litter is an outstanding success with catteries, vets and cat owners. 

Fresh & Safe 
Super Absorbent 
Excellent Value 
Superior Odour Control 
100% Natural 

BossCat is an excellent hygienic litter control, brilliant at soaking up odors and waste. The SUPER absorbing qualities of compressed pine wood means that BossCat works even better and more cost effective than other litter control. 

With BossCat you will find a secret to success that no other litter has so far! The secret is to use often and change regularly. Below is a recommended usage guide, this is from trials that vets & catteries nationally have taken. 

Using less in a tray of BossCat than other cat litter, means that a bag lasts a lot longer! Bonus saving! 

“Product has arrived – brilliant! And thank you so very very much! Valda 
“Excellent Excellent! It keeps the tray spotless! I call it self cleaning litter. No mess! No fuss!” 
“Pussydo makes work so easy, when the cattery is full, we can change the trays in ½ the time we that we use to with Clumping litter” Christchurch Cattery 
“We have had nothing but fantastic service” Ngaire 
“You are a pleasure to deal with! Thank you for being so easy!” Michelle 
“As far as odour control & absorbency goes, it out does anything else I’ve tried & that’s a lot of different litters.” JD

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