Pressure Treatment for 3m x3m Star Cabin


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Pressure treatment is a no brainer for timber cabins.

The wood can get exposed to high temperatures in transport, it can get wet being carted to the build site and the build can last several days with the timber being exposed to weathering (Untreated timber can buckle, absorb moisture and create difficulties with the build process). Pressure treated timber does not need to be painted and you have the peace of mind knowing that it is termite resistant.

Our Pressure Treatment innovation gives the wood an optimal lifespan whilst retaining the excellent natural properties of the traditional wood benefits.

Pressure treatment is an alternative to staining, which is also a way to protect wood. It is a process that takes place entirely in a large boiler. Once the wood has been placed in the boiler, the door closes and the boiler creates a vacuum. The oxygen is then extracted from the wood, after which the boiler is filled with an impregnating agent. When the boiler is filled with the impregnating agent, the pressure is increased, so that the wood absorbs the impregnating agent. Pressure treatment is an entirely computer-controlled process. Because the impregnating agent is pressed into the wood under high pressure, the wood swells. This increases the drying time and therefore the delivery time. In addition, it is possible that due to the high-pressure during the treatment process the wood can deform slightly which can occasionally cause small cracks. If you have had the wood of your log cabin impregnated by means of boiler pressure, then staining or painting is no longer necessary. The windows and doors are not impregnated with boiler pressure but are instead spray treated. Spray treatment protects the wood but still needs painting or restaining on the outside within 12 months.


  • Longer life of your summerhouse or log cabin.
  • More cost effective as paint and painting are not required.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Water-repellent
  • Fungicidal
  • Cabin looks nicer and cleaner for longer.
  • You do not have to protect your timber from weathering in storage and construction like untreated timber. Pressure treatment is the method that guarantees the longest life of wood.

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