BossCat Deluxe Litter Tray Combo


Style No: 500010


The Deluxe Combo includes everything the BossCat® Standard Tray has, with the addition of a 6Litre bag of BossCat® litter.

Great value pack!

The Deluxe BossCat Litter Tray that is even more luxurious!

Bigger / Easier to sieve / Better Kick Ring

Combining all the features of the original Pussydo Litter Tray, the new Deluxe litter tray is bigger and better – perfect for those who only want to give their cat the best or for those who have bigger cats

Pamper your cat today with a BossCat Deluxe Litter Tray!!!


External: 490 Length x 400 Width x 110 Height (without kick ring)

Internal: 445 Length x 300 Width x 80 Height (without kick ring)

Tired of litter tracking through your house?……………….. Rather smell a fresh Pine Fragrance rather than Cat Urine?

Spending more time cleaning up after your cat than playing & enjoying it?


BossCat® Kitty Litter Tray
Proven results from this BossCat Litter Tray!
The good litter isn’t thrown out with the used litter.
Wet litter falls to the bottom tray & removed. Fresh pine smell of BossCat Cat litter covers any urine or ammonia smells.
New pellets are added when needed.
with all the fine particles sieved out – there’s no way they can track on your carpet.
You’ll love the look of only fresh pellets in the tray!
BossCat Cat Litter is an outstanding success with catteries, vets and cat owners.

BossCat is an excellent hygienic litter control, brilliant at soaking up odors and waste. The SUPER absorbing qualities of compressed pine wood means that BossCat works even better and more cost effective than other litter control.

Want a 100% natural litter that’s not contaminated by glues, inks or been mined?

With BossCat you will find a secret to success that no other litter has so far!

“Excellent Excellent! It keeps the tray spotless! I call it self-cleaning litter. No mess! No fuss!”
“Pussydo makes work so easy, when the cattery is full, we can change the trays in ½ the time we that we use to with Clumping litter” Christchurch Cattery

“As far as odour control & absorbency goes, it out does anything else I’ve tried & that’s a lot of different litters.” JD

Suitable for all cats & kittens – 100% Natural. Persians, Ragdolls, Bengals, Devon Rex, Siamese, Chinchillas, Burmese

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Weight 5.5 kg

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